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Welcome to Apply Idaho!

Apply Idaho is a free, common application platform for up to 10 in-state colleges. Open October – June, this application is ONLY available to current-year Idaho high school seniors.
This system requests applicants enter in their EDUID. If you do not know your EDUID contact your school registrar or counselor.
By creating an account with Scholarship Idaho you are giving permission to the Idaho State Board of Education to share your personal information, including SSN, with the Idaho institution you plan to attend as identified on your application. This information is ONLY used to facilitate or administer financial aid.

Patterns observed in Scholarship Idaho will inform annual, statewide reports about scholarship access and funds disbursement.

No personally identifiable information is ever shared publicly.
What is my EDUID number?
For many students, this is your student identification number provided by your high school. If it is not, ask the staff at your high school.
Is there a cost for me to apply?
There will be no cost for students using this Apply Idaho feature. You may still apply from a college or university website. There may be a fee to apply from a college or university website.
Can I stop the process of applying and return to complete the required information at a later time?
Yes, you have the option to return to your account and complete your application. However, once you have hit the "submit" button your application will be sent to your institution of choice.
What if I cannot remember my password?
If you need to reset your password, just hit Forgot password on the Login page and it will walk you through the process of reseting your password.
What do I do if I change my mind and want to change or eliminate one of my college/university choices?
You can add a new college/university and intended major at anytime, but you can only remove a selected institution if that institution has not yet processed your application. Note: Any changes made to the list of Intended Majors and Institutions will require that the application be resubmitted.
Can I add a college or university at a later time?
Yes, you may submit your application to another college or university. You will need to update your application and hit the submit/resubmit button to complete this process.
What data will be sent to the colleges and universities I apply to?
In addition to the questions you answer during the application process, the system will be sending the institutions your High School, Dual Credit, ACT and SAT data as reported to the state. This data will only be provided to the colleges and institutions you apply to.
It appears that you may be utilizing a school or non-personal email address.
It recommended that you use a personal email address for following reasons:
  1. Many schools have email filters in place that block messages from external sources such as Apply Idaho and the institutions you are applying to.
  2. You will likely lose access to your school email after graduating.
As a result, you may not receive confirmation or acceptance emails regarding the processing of your application.
It looks like you mistyped "gmail.com."
You will not receive important emails regarding your application status or other notifications if you do not enter a valid email address. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of your email address to ensure effective communication throughout the application process.